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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Weather kind to W.E.L.L. golfers Wednesday, May 21, was an almost perfect night for W.E.L.L. golfers. The wind, which has plagued the course all season, was light enough to not factor into play. The sun was shining and the temperatures were on the cool side. Taking advantage of the weather, once again, shoot the low gross score of the evening was Jenny Chandler with a 40. Darlis Labahn also had a good outing, with the low net of the evening at 31 (47-16). Two women had birdies in their rounds: Mary Mock birdied #5 and Susan Oberle birdied both #5 and #8. In the clubhouse Liz Merrigan won the Quackson drawing. On the course Barb Weyrich had an interesting shot on #9. Her ball was headed into the sand trap, where it did touch down and bounce off of the rake to land outside the hazard. The shot of the evening was had by Ruby Plate on #3. Her drive went into the gully. Not knowing if she would find the ball, Ruby played a provisional. However, luckily, the first ball was located. It was â�?�?sitting ugly.â�? However, Ruby hit the ball from that position and got it into the fairway with only one swing. Having a less than spectacular group effort on hole #2, Kathy Chandler, Barb Weyrich, Mary Kay Zimmerman and Kim Dimmick scored three 9s and one 10. Bumper sticker: I got this golf cart for my husband. Good trade, eh?

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