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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Women of W.E.L.L. kick off season And they��?re off! Wednesday, May 7, the women of W.E.L.L. kicked off the new season of golf. A windy South Dakota evening to be sure. Everyone was looking forward to greeting old friends, meeting new ones and golfing. Heading out and off to a good start was Jenny Chandler, who had the low gross score of 40 this week. Also taking advantage of the new season to work on lowering their handicap were Joni Hook and Tammy Baisden. Each had a net score of 30, getting there by different means. Joni shot a 53 and Tammy a 50. Additionally, two women decided to start the season by hanging a birdie on the tree, rather than a flying pig. These were Audrey Ticknor, who birdied #1 and Nancy Scheidel, who birdied hole #2. The steering committee for W.E.L.L. decided to change things up a bit this year. Rather than using the dues money to give pin prizes each week, the decision was made to save it and use it to pay for a feed for the golfers at different points throughout the year. The first was done on fun night (April 30). The Quackson drawing will still be held and this week was won by Robin Miskimins.

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