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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Warm temps bring seniors out to play On April 22, the seniors turned out in numbers. The pleasant weather saw 27 players entering competition. Playing our all time favorite, Howard Connorâ�?�?s format, the team of Elmer Mount, Don Imming and Dick Burbach took first with a 36. The second place team had â�?�?miss-addedâ�? their score but still received a prize with a 37; that team consisted of Milo Gilbertson, Ron Steckelberg and Van Pierce. The third and fourth place teams tied at 38. One team was Ross King, Jack Doyle and Ken Beringer, the other team was Turk Pilker, Cleland Cook and Vern Holter. The only putt of record went to Ron Steckelberg, who sank a 30-foot. birdie at #3. The first place team listed an 18-foot birdie putt on #2 but failed to give credit to any of their players. Maybe they were embarrassed that such a short putt would be worthy of notice. Maurice Erickson, who plays with this group and who has a broken arm, is used as a utility player and only gets to chip and putt for his team. Anyway, Maurice has a unique way of hitting the ball so that it will roll through the sand trap and come up the opposite side onto the putting surface. He thrilled his team twice with this type of clever shot. Come play with us because we do have fun. Wednesday morning ladies begin May 7 The Wednesday Morning Ladies golf/lunch/games group will begin on May 7 with golf at 9 a.m. with the Cherry Street Grill again catering our 11:45 a.m. luncheon for the year.�? Newcomers are always welcome as well as â�?�?old-timersâ�? from previous years.�? If you enjoy fun and laughter as well as golf and food, please come and join us. Dominoes/bridge/games/ cards will be played after lunch. Mark Wednesdays on your summer schedule now.�?  The â�?�?Story Ladyâ�? has been blessed with great friends who send her stories we can share together.�?  Remember that laughter and fun among friends is a wonderful gift we can share with each other.�? Diet tip:�?  Laughter and pain both burn up calories â�?�? choose laughter and we promise not to have a weigh-in!! See you May 7.

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