USD graduate students organize 5K run for HIV Awareness

USD graduate students organize 5K run for HIV Awareness As spring nears and joggers start taking to the streets, a group of University of South Dakota graduate students is seeking to put that running to good use. The USD Physician Assistant Class of 2009 will host a 5K on Sunday, May 4, at 10 a.m. in Vermillion. The 5K is a class project which hopes to raise money for a non-profit started by two of the program's students. The non-profit, called the UP HILL (Understanding Prevention of HIV in India while Lengthening Life) Project, seeks to build a free clinic in Southern India to educate people about HIV and provide treatment for those who are infected. Of the two students who founded the non-profit, Devi Chettiar is a second-generation immigrant of India who has deep family ties to the region. The other student, Nguyen-Ngoc Pham, is a first-generation immigrant from Vietnam who studied abroad in India as an undergraduate and became passionate about helping the region overcome its HIV crisis. Participants in the 5K can choose to run, walk, or bike the course. There will also be a mini-run in conjunction with the 5K for children, seniors and the physically disabled. After the race, participants can further support the cause by purchasing authentic art and other items from India. Organizers will also distribute literature and information about the HIV epidemic in India and the UP HILL Project. More information about the 5K and the UP HILL Project can be found at <<a href="">>.

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