Vermillion native publishes poetry

Vermillion native publishes poetry In a new and lyrical collection of poems, Margaret Hasse, a native of Vermillion, covers a wide range of experiences from childrearing to reflections on war, changing seasons, hand-me-down clothes and forgetting the name of an item needed from a hardware store. Some of the poems are meditative, others are humorous, but they invariably spring from close observation and the deft use of images and expressions to expose the beauty, challenge and mystery of common life. Hasse, who graduated from Vermillion High School, then attended Stanford University, now lives in Saint Paul, MN, with her husband and two sons. In school in Vermillion, she was active in theater, speech and debate programs. She is the author of two previous collections of poetry, Stars Above, Stars Below and In a Sheepâ�?�?s Eye, Darling. Her poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies, and she has been the recipient of numerous literary awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts Poetry Fellowship. Margaret Todd Maitland, former editor of the Ruminator Review of Books, writes of her work: â�?�?In the well-shaped poems of Milk and Tides, Margaret Hasse investigates the stages of motherhood, the territory of biracial adoption and the surprises of aging. From the tenderness of bonding with a new baby to the humor and aggravations of raising teenagers, through memories of a South Dakota childhood and coming to terms with her own parents, she holds a mirror to the revelations of family life.â�?

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