Anderson honored by retired teachers

Anderson honored by retired teachers The Southeast Area Retired Teachers Association met May 14 at the Vermillion Public Library at 4 p.m. to honor recent retirees and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AARP. The theme was the â�?�?50s. A large bulletin board displayed pictures of members that dated back to the late â�?�?40s and â�?�?50s. Refreshments were served. Brenda Martens began the meeting with introductions. A hula hoop contest was held. While the group cheered her on, Jane Torkelson won the contest.�? Then a bubble gum contest was held to see who could blow the biggest bubble.�?  Esther Knutson, Pat Michaels, Dixie Campbell, Donna Schafer, and Jan Gregory had some nice bubbles but Jane Torkelson was the winner of the bubble gum contest. Edith Siegrist was the judge. On behalf of Dr. Charollene Coates, the state president of the South Dakota Retired Teachers Association, Pat Dusseau presented the Reminiscent Teacher Award to Edis Anderson. The members divided into small groups of three and took a quiz about songs from the â�?�?50s.�? Eleanor Offerdahl had them correct their own papers The group with the most answers won a�? CDs of popular â�?�?50s music. Winners were Edith Siegrist, Jan Gregory, and Donna Schafer.

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