Ashley O�Grady named eTelecare team leader

Ashley Oâ�?�?Grady named eTelecare team leader eTelecare Global Solu-tions has promoted Ashley Oâ�?�?Grady to the position of Team Leader. Oâ�?�?Grady joined eTel-ecare in 2005, initially working as a Warranty Service Center representative and later as a High End Device agent. Earlier this year, Oâ�?�?Grady was named Associate Team Leader, and in April accepted her current position as Team Leader. She has twice been selected eTelecareâ�?�?s Employee of the Month. â�?�?My main objective is to make eTelecare an enjoyable place to work for all my agents,â�? said Oâ�?�?Grady. â�?�?My goal is to help the company succeed in being number one.â�? As an eTelecare Team Leader, Oâ�?�?Grady manages more than 20 agents, helping them set goals and improve their performance. She also handles escalated calls, payroll and provides coaching for newer agents. After work, Oâ�?�?Grady, a Vermillion resident, plays co-ed summer softball in Yankton and loves spending time with her two dogs.

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