Camp Opera offers local citizens a unique chance to develop vocally

Camp Opera offers local citizens a unique chance to develop vocally By: David Lias Itâ�?�?s difficult for Scott Piper to contain his enthusiasm as he talks about his dream â�?�? Camp Opera. â�?�?One of the main goals with Camp Opera is making Vermillion and the surrounding community aware that opera is an art form that embraces all of the arts,â�? he said. Piper, an internationally renowned concert tenor, has been offering his first â�?�?Camp Operaâ�? during June at the United Church of Christ in Vermillion. The performing arts camp offers vocal and instrumental programs for participants 18 months through adult. â�?�?The program is designed to teach the performing arts, nurture and develop talent, and provide audience enrichment programs for all ages,â�? Piper said. â�?�?Camp Opera follows the beautiful vision of opera as the â�?�?ultimate art.â�?�? Opera is an art form which embraces all the various disciplines of expression, such as painting, theater, pageantry, concerts and ballet.â�? Singing, while being a very important part of opera, is only one part of the art form, he said. â�?�?It needs collaboration with every part of expression that we call artistic,â�? Piper said, ranging from carpentry and painting, to costume design, instrumental music and pageantry. â�?�?Opera was developed to find out how do we affect our public,â�? he said. â�?�?How do we get them to understand the emotions we think about.â�? People who perhaps never listen to opera â�?�? whose favorite collection of music, for example, may be country or folk â�?�? arenâ�?�?t all that different from opera lovers. â�?�?Do you like your favorite song because of its rhythm, because of its melody,â�? Piper said, â�?�?or do you like it because of what it brings back to you â�?�? the memories and feelings?â�? Camp Opera features 10 hand-picked faculty from area colleges and is focused on enriching the minds of the young and the young at heart, Piper said. The program reaches out to the entire region, including Yankton, Vermillion, Sioux City, Sioux Falls and other neighboring communities. This year, Camp Opera offers 12 different programs. They include three junior programs for ages 18�?  months to 7 years; three elementary programs, which include instrumental music, for ages 8-13; four high school programs, which include collaborative piano, for ages 14-18; and two collegiate programs for ages 18-25 which allow students to maintain their work and class schedules. In addition, Camp Opera offers three community adult enrichment programs. High school pianists interested in the vocal arts should apply to the Junior Collaborative Artist program. The music camp is using Steinway pianos through Schmitt Music. In addition, talented middle school instrumentalists are encouraged to register for the Angelus Brass Choir and Wind Ensemble. Interested persons donâ�?�?t necessarily need to perform, Piper said. Adults wishing to learn more for their general enjoyment can attend the weekly community enrichment programs at the Vermillion Public Library. â�?�?Thursday nights are really designed for the complete novice to operate,â�? he said. â�?�?We teach an art form. They are able to feel like they have an inside track.â�? The enrichment programs will include the opportunity to enjoy performances and sit in on informational sessions, Piper said. Camp Opera is also reaching out to area churches, Piper said. A class offers voice lessons and helps church choirs, local choruses and adult choral singers. In addition, Piper is taking requests from area churches who want singers to perform at weekend worship services during the month of June. â�?�?We could schedule any number of singers at each service,â�? he said. â�?�?We could do many churches at once.â�? Camp Opera will provide free weekly public concerts, called â�?�?Monday Musicales,â�? at 7 p.m. Mondays at the United Church of Christ in Vermillion. For more information, visit and or contact Piper at

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