Clay County treasurer reminds vehicle owners to "Keep Your Plate âÂ?Â? July ’08"

Clay County treasurer reminds vehicle owners to "Keep Your Plate â�?�? July '08" With less than a month to go until the implementation of South Dakotaâ�?�?s new license plate system, Clay County Treasurer, Catherine Powell is advising vehicle owners to plan ahead when it comes to titling and registering their vehicles now through July. Effective July 1, 2008, South Dakota will change from a license plate with vehicle system to a license plate with owner system. Currently, the plates that are on a vehicle when itâ�?�?s sold stay with the vehicle, and the license plate number remains the identifying number for that specific vehicle as long as the plate series is valid. With the new license plate with owner system, the plates on a vehicle belong to the titled owner(s) of the vehicle. If the vehicle is sold, the seller keeps the plates for use on the next vehicle they acquire as long as it is the same type of vehicle and the plates are not expired. County treasurers will be utilizing a new computer system called SDcars (South Dakota Customized Automated Registration System) to process transactions under the new system. According to Powell, the Clay County Treasurerâ�?�?s Office will need to be closed for Division of Motor Vehicle business for a brief period to allow for the conversion to the new system. â�?�?Whereas, our office will be open on Monday, June 30 we will not be able to do any DMV business. On that day (June 30) the State DMV will be converting all the MV records from the old system to the new one. What that means is vehicle owners wonâ�?�?t be able to title, register or license their vehicles on that day,â�? said Powell. â�?�?Vehicle owners should plan on coming in early during the month of June to make sure they get their business completed before Friday the 27.â�? With the new system officially going on-line July 1, the Division of Motor Vehicles is anticipating using the first week of July to resolve any issues that may occur with the conversion. Powell advises vehicle owners scheduled for registration in July and August to either come in prior to June 27 or wait until after July 7 to title or register their vehicles. For more information on â�?�?Keep Your Plate â�?�? July â�?�?08â�? and the SDcars system, log on to or call�? the Clay County treasurer at 605-677-7123.

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