‘Colonel’ Morse graduates from auction college in Iowa

'Colonel' Morse graduates from auction college in Iowa Earning the honorary title of â�?�?Colonel,â�? Matthew Adam Morse, of Vermillion, was graduated recently from World Wide College of Auctioneering, Mason City, IA. Morse successfully completed the course of instruction and training covering all phases of auctioneering taught by 20 professional instructors at the college. Students received instruction in real estate, automobile, farm, antique, charity and fund raising, specialty auctions, as well as vocal training and auction law. Other subjects included business management, technology, marketing, and the development of an auction chant and bid calling. During the training program, Morse also received the real-life experience of calling a public auction sale. Established in 1933, World Wide College of Auctioneering has trained more than 35,000 auctioneers throughout the United States, Canada and various countries throughout the world. The college, which has graduated more World Champion and International Champion auctioneers than any other school, specializes in the development of voice control, auction chant and bid calling. The college also demonstrates the full utilization of computers in the auction business.

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