Fire marshal issues safety tips

Fire marshal issues safety tips Fireworks go on sale this Friday in South Dakota, and the state fire marshal wants to remind people to be safe when using them. â�?�?I certainly want people to enjoy the holiday. However, itâ�?�?s important for people to remember that fireworks are explosives.�? Safety precautions are a must,â�? said Al Christie, South Dakota Fire Marshal. Christie recommends that anyone using fireworks: Read and follow all firecracker warnings and instructions. Only light fireworks on smooth flat surfaces, away from homes and flammable materials. Donâ�?�?t light fireworks near dry grass or leaves. Keep a bucket of water nearby in case of a fire. Observe local fireworks ordinances and regulations. â�?�?Kids, especially, get very excited about fireworks. Itâ�?�?s important for parents to provide a supervisory role and set a good example when using fireworks,â�? Christie said. Fireworks can be sold in South Dakota from Friday, June 27, until Saturday, July 5. During that time, the State Fire Marshalâ�?�?s Office will inspect fireworks stands to make sure they are licensed and in compliance with state law.

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