Foundation is considering grant applications

Foundation is considering grant applications The Vermillion Area Community Foundation is considering grant applications for projects that meet its grant guidelines. Applications and guidelines may be picked up at the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce and Development Company office. Vermillion Community Foundation News Last month, the foundationâ�?�?s board of director met to consider potential projects that may need support this year. Among them are: â�?¢ Support of Sesquicentennial Celebration for the city of Vermillion in 2009. â�?¢ The possibility of planting 150 trees around town. â�?¢ The possibility of new signage at the edge of town on main highways. â�?¢ Solicitatation of donors for information about potential projects. â�?¢ Investigation of several projects in the community that may need support. The Vermillion Area Community Foundation funds ongoing, well-established projects and innovative projects designed to meet community needs. The purpose of the project should fulfill a community need and preferably involve tangible, measurable outcomes. Applications from agencies offering services exclusively to one gender, age group or race will be closely scrutinized for discriminatory practices. Generally, the Vermillion Area Community Foundation will not consider grants for religious purposes, political activities, individual endowments, general operating expenses, elimination of budget deficits, or annual fund drives. Applications will be received throughout the year with decisions made by the Vermillion Area Community Foundation. The Vermillion Area Community Foundation encourages matching funds from all grant applicants. Funding may be contingent upon acquisition of the required matching money. All applicants will be informed verbally and/or in writing to the approval or disapproval of their application. The Vermillion Area Community Foundationâ�?�?s Savings Account is held as an advised fund within the South Dakota Community Foundation. The total endowment of over $60 million is invested by the SDCF investment manager. The foundationâ�?�?s investment return has averaged over 12 percent over the past 10 years. The Vermillion Area Community Foundationâ�?�?s efforts to raise funds will be an ongoing enterprise. The long-term objective is to grow the fund to $1 million by 2010 through gifts, bequests and reinvested income. Anyone, regardless of wealth or position, can make a difference in the future of the Vermillion area by making a donation to the foundation. For more information, visit the SDCF Web site at

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