Military license plate restrictions in effect July 1

Military license plate restrictions in effect July 1 South Dakotaâ�?�?s military veteran license plates will all get uniform treatment under a new law that goes into effect July 1, 2008. At that time, vehicle owners entitled to the stateâ�?�?s Disabled Veteran plate, Prisoner of War plate, Pearl Harbor Survivor plate or Purple Heart plate who register vehicles will be restricted to receiving only two sets of distinctive plates for $10 each. At time of registration, the plates can only be attached to cars, pickups and vans registered under the non-commercial fee schedule or motorcycles. Division of Motor Vehicles Director Debra Hillmer says there are some exceptions to that rule but theyâ�?�?ll cost you. â�?�?Some veterans put these special military veteran plates on motor homes or larger non-commercial trucks that are registered under the declared gross weight fee schedule,â�? Hillmer said. â�?�?If they choose to use either one of the sets of plates or both of their sets of plates for that purpose, theyâ�?�?ll be expected to pay the registration fee(s) instead of the $10 military special plate fee(s).â�? According to Hillmer, owners currently have the military veteran license plates in addition to either county plates or organizational plates. Because South Dakota is moving to a license plate with owner system on July 1, 2008, when the new law takes effect, military veteran plates will become the ownerâ�?�?s primary plates. During implementation, military veteran plate owners will retain both sets of plates until the vehicle is up for renewal. At that time, the county or organizational license plates must be removed and destroyed as they will no longer be valid after renewal of the vehicle. People having questions on the military veteran license plates can contact their local county treasurer or the Division of Motor Vehicles at 605-773-3541.

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