My favorite Father’s Day moment

My favorite Father's Day moment By: Joe 'MoJo' Reiser Sometimes a person is in the right place at the right time. I was lucky enough to be that person. It was Fathers Day of 2007, June 17, at Prentis Park in Vermillion. You see, I have a job to do when the Vermillion Greysox play baseball. I announce the game from high above the baseball field. That job gave me one of the greatest Fatherâ�?�?s Day memories of my life. I was gathering the line up cards from both the Garretson amateur team and the home team, Vermillion Greysox. While writing down the Greysox order, second baseman Aaron Baedke asked a favor. â�?�?Would you mind saying â�?�?Happy Fatherâ�?�?s Dayâ�?�? to our dad, from Ryan and me?â�? I replied, â�?�?Sure, no problem, but I canâ�?�?t see the crowd, so, Iâ�?�?ll need a little help from you. â�?�?I donâ�?�?t want to announce it before he arrives,â�? I added. â�?�?Not a problem, Iâ�?�?ll whistle when the time is right,â�? Aaron assured me. No one in the park could have known what these boys had in store for Dear Old Dad. The game had commenced and the Greysox had made quick work of their defensive chores in the first inning. Three up and three down. The first batter for the Greysox had gotten up and made the first out of the inning. Then I heard a whistle from down below. It was followed by a nod from the younger of the brothers Baedke. â�?�?Now up for the Greysox, number 2, third baseman Ryan Baedke. Ryan and his brother Aaron, who is in the on deck circle, would like to say â�?�?Happy Fatherâ�?�?s Dayâ�?�? to their dad Greg who is sitting in the stands tonight. Letâ�?�?s give Greg a nice round of applause,â�? was the announcement that came over the speaker. The Garretson pitcher then delivered the first pitch of the at bat and Ryan, with a mighty swing, sent it over the left field fence for a home run. â�?�?Itâ�?�?s a home run for Ryan Baedke. What a great way to say Happy Fathers Day to his dad,â�? I said with astonishment. The cheers died down and the third sacker returned to the dugout to the many congratulations. My next announcement was, â�?�?Now up for the Greysox number 11, second baseman Aaron Baedke.â�? The first pitch was a ball. As the second pitch came over the plate, Aaron pounded the fastball over the centerfield fence! â�?�?BACK to BACK JACKS for the Baedke brothers. That should be a present their father should remember for a long time!!!â�? I shouted with excitement. The cheers finally died down and the game moved on. As the story goes on â�?¦ a few innings later Ryan came to bat and hammered another Garretson pitch over the left field fence. Younger brother Aaron followed with a line drive to center field that nearly broke one of the fence boards â�?¦ (well, it hit the fence about two inches from the top) for a stand up double. â�?�?The ball Aaron hit, that didnâ�?�?t go out,was the hardest hit ball of the night,â�? commented Ryan, the older Baedke brother. I am sure these things do happen elsewhere, and once in a blue moon, but I was happy to be in the right place at the right time to witness a quintessential baseball moment. And as far as it goes, my favorite Fatherâ�?�?s Day moment. Happy Fatherâ�?�?s Day to everyone who has a player playing or has played this great American game.

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