People for Pets aids local animal control

People for Pets aids local animal control On Wednesday,�? April 23, to commemorate its beginning and to celebrate its accomplishments, People for Pets, SD SD presented�? a check payable to the City of Vermillion in the amount of $3,100 to purchase an animal control net gun. The organizationâ�?�?s goal is that the city animal control and police officers will use this tool�? as a means of humane containment and control of animals at large while ensuring the protection of officers in the containment process.�?  To highlight�? the work�? of People for Pets, SD, here is a few of its events and�? accomplishments: â�?¢ Members met with City Manager John Prescott and Police Chief Art Mabry to discuss how we can work together to improve the�? methods of capture and containment�? of animals by city officials. It was decided that an animal control net gun would be advantageous in animal control â�?�? providing more security for the animal control or police officer, and non-lethal to the animal being contained. â�?¢ The organization began fundraising efforts and a campaign for donations which were modestly successful, including a hot dog stand at the July 4 celebration at Barstow Park, a pet photography fundraiser session and�? direct requests for donations from members of our organization. â�?¢ People for Pets, SD networked with local community members and helped to locate several lost animals in Vermillion. â�?¢ Using its initial funds, People for Pets, SD began rescuing animals (at first, primarily from the Sioux City, IA, Animal Shelter) and placing those animals in appropriate homes through a formal adoption process.�? The adoption�? requires a completed Application for Adoption,�? a veterinary reference and four personal references, and a home visit to be conducted before adoption is approved. The�? proceeds of�? adoptions have been used to pay for the expenses of the rescues; any reserve funds were set aside for the purchase of the animal control net gun. â�?¢ People for Pets, SD, has successfully rescued or facilitated adoptions for�? 50�? animals. Twenty are still available for adoption; 31 have been placed in approved homes, and three are pending adoption.�? All rescued animals have been�? or will be fully vetted, received vaccinations,�? treated for various�? medical conditions, given parasite treatment and prevention, groomed and�? spayed or neutered, as needed.�? �?  â�?¢ People for Pets, SD is�? networking nationally with other rescues to help in�? rescue/migration/ transport/foster and adoption of hundreds of animals. We are also involved in legislative work in our country and abroad. â�?¢ Terri Peterson was recently�? featured on�? a national�? radio program, sharing her story�? and the journey of�? People for Pets, SD which began with the�? killing of her dog, Patches; however,�? as a result of this event, this organization has experienced a metamorphasis toward animal rescue. People for Pets, SD has reached a significant milestone, and is can be proud of its work, but also realizes the enormity of the animal advocacy�? through legislation, education, sponsorship, fostering�? and�? the front-line work of animal rescue.�?  The organization thanks each person who has contributed in this project â�?�? those who sponsored animals, adopted animals, donated a bit of food or gave a cash donation. People for Pets, SD hopes that, with the use of the net gun and continued education about animal behavior,�? officers will not need to use�? handguns to�? bring down a dog they fear, and that families will not have to bury their family pets�? because of a tragic set of circumstances. The city has assured us that the net gun will be purchased soon with $1,000 that has been set aside for the purchase of the net gun. People for Pets, SD has offered to provide additional funds if needed, as it is�? anxiously awaiting the acquisition of this equipment and training provided to officers in our community. For information about pets available for adoption, log on to

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