Save $1, get $3 through Dakota Dream Savings Fund

Save $1, get $3 through Dakota Dream Savings Fund Looking to buy a first home, start-up or expand your business, or further your education? The Dakota Dream Savings Fund is here to help you achieve your dream. By taking part in this matched savings account program, participants receive a $3:$1 match toward the purchase of any of the three assets mentioned. This savings match means that for every $1 saved in a Dakota Dream Savings Fund account, participants will receive a $3 match in return; essentially 300 percent interest on their savings. Funding for the Dakota Dream Savings Fund is made possible by the Northwest Area South Dakota Fund, a partnership between the South Dakota Community Foundation and the Northwest Area Foundation, Citigroup Foundation, South Dakota Housing Development Authority, and the Office for Community Services��? Assets for Independence Grant. To find out if you are eligible to begin saving and investing for your future through the Dakota Dream Savings Fund today, contact your local community action program, or call toll free at 1-888-201-1161; or you can visit the Web site at www.dakotadreamsavings for more information. Equal Opportunity Organization

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