Save Union County plans future meetings

Save Union County plans future meetings Save Union County, LLC has announced it will be holding a series of meetings throughout the county to continue the effort of making the public aware of the next steps in resisting the Hyperion rezoning effort recently in Union County. The organization will be focused on continuing to develop and distribute information to the public relative to the details of the proposed refinery and IGCC Center, as they become available.�? It will continue to hold public forums and disseminate information as various applications are made to both the state and federal governments and/or negotiations continue toward the development of the required environmental impact statement and hopefully a development agreement. As a part of this effort, the organization of various advisory sub-committees has been more formalized. These areas of interest will include public forums, further development of the Save Union County Web site, as well as political strategies and legal strategies with respect to the overall project monitoring and management. One of the new issues will relate to the development of the Web site which continues to become more interactive and informative in detail as to the activities of the organization. Organizational meetings will be posted and through a controlled access port, detailed information will be available concerning current ongoing activities, including the status of Save Union Countyâ�?�?s current lawsuit. The organization remains committed to its opposition to the recent actions of Union County and will continue its dialogue with the public in the Tri-State area relative to the proposed project. Save Union County, LLC is a group of committed residents opposed to locating an oil refinery proposed in Union County.�? Save Union County, LLC believes that local residents should have a say in what type of industry, if any, moves into their neighborhoods.�? Mega-projects such as this affect residentsâ�?�? daily lives.

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