Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk 1907 By Cleo Erickson There was a good representation of farmers at the canning factory meeting at the Court House last Saturday afternoon. A number of residents of Prairie Centre Township were before the County Commissioners with a plan to straighten and shorten the Vermillion River.�? They feel this could be done with little expense. M. J. Chaney of Wakonda will sound the gavel in the lower house during the session of the legislature that convened on Tuesday. Mr. Chaney is serving his third term in the house, and is one of the most popular men in that body of lawmakers.�?  He was elected over Carroll of Kingsbury County on the second ballot by a vote of 35 to 41. Unless something unexpected develops it is evident that the canning factory proposition has gone glimmering. A final meeting was held by the interested parties with others invited to attend.�? It was hoped enough would attend to pledge $15,000.00 but total pledges came to $8.000.00.�? The matter has not been entirely given up but they are working under considerable discouragement. County Commissioners Notes:�?  Dr. Thomas Cruickshank and Dr. F. A. Sweezey were appointed county physicians for the year of 1907. Dr. Sweezeyâ�?�?s territory is the six northern townships in the county and will receive a salary of $100.00 per year, medicine to be furnished by the doctor. Dr. Cruickshankâ�?�?s territory will comprise the 6 southern townships, and the city of Vermillion and to receive a salary of $150.00 and to furnish all medicine. It is announced that since the 1st of June, Sears Roebuck & Company, of catalogue house fame, has discontinued the sale of groceries, not being able to comply with the provisions of the pure food law and still compete with the local merchants. Implement dealers note the fact that farmers are buying gas engines, using their machines for grinding feed and in many cases these machines are taking the place of windmills. George W. Scott has decided to put in brand new fixtures in his barbershop.�? They should be here this week. New paper will be put on the walls and another coat of paint will brighten the woodwork. When the new fixtures are in place George expects to have one of the knobbiest little shops in the state. The first of the usual spring rush of hoboes made their appearance this week, the city cooler affording shelter for some of them Monday and Tuesday evening. Spring vegetables are being offered by the merchants and many a family is settling teeth amid luscious lettuce, radishes and onions.�?  Strawberries can be had in Sioux City but 10 cents a pint is a little expensive for the general markets. Although the train pulled east yesterday morning March 13, on train order No. 13, carrying 13 passengers and hauled by engine No. 1308, no serious accident occurred. The horse lovers of Clay County will be pleased to learn that the enterprising young gentlemen, Charles W. Jolley and F. A. Bliss, have purchased the prize winning Shire Stallion, Horrey Vulcan # 19704.�? This grand animal weighs 1960 lbs. We have not learned the purchase price, but have on inkling it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000.00. The floodwaters are receding after the Missouri River spread out over the low lands. The trains will be running each way and the Air Line Bridge is thought it can be saved. The report that Dan Doan has been drowned, and that the house in which he had been living had gone down the river, was a false alarm, and Gus Cayce and son Abe are also safe. John Scott is with us once more and is assisting his brother G. W. Scott at the Coyote Barber Shop. A petition generously signed was presented to the City Council last Monday evening asking that a vote be taken on the question of license this year.�? This annual vote is necessary in order to prohibit drug stores from selling intoxicants without of prescription.�? There is no question about the temperance people winning, and it is this side of the proposition that is asking that a vote be taken.�? The council granted the petition. Excerpts taken from a historical edition of the Vermillion Plain Talk published in 1907-1907. 2009 will mark the 150th birthday of the city of Vermillion. Each week until the sesquicentennial celebration, this column will present notable historic information pertaining to the city and surrounding areas.

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