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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Wind returns to W.E.L.L. Wednesday, June 11, the wind returned to the golf course. Not as strong as some nights, but enough to make the golfers think. Having no trouble in the wind was Kathy Merrigan-Manning who had the low gross score of 42. Hot on her heels was Mary Gauer with a 43. The two lowest net scores belonged to a single team, the Sand Yappers. Barb Ballensky had the ultimate low net with a 31 (55-24) while teammate Tammy Baisden had a net 32 (53-21). Outside of this dynamic duo was Peggy Donnelly with a 33 (48-15). As has been par for the course this season, there were very few birdies (sorry, couldnâ�?�?t resist). The only birdie had this night was by Darlis Labahn on #17. Inside the clubhouse a number of names of absentee contributors were drawn before the winner, Pat Durkin, was declared. I think Iâ�?�?ve finally figured the game of golf out. If it goes right, itâ�?�?s a â�?�?slice.â�? If it goes left, itâ�?�?s a â�?�?hook.â�? And if it goes straight, itâ�?�?s a miracle!

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