The BSA Buzz

The BSA Buzz The BSA Buzz is a weekly publication created by the children attending the BSA (Beyond School Adventures) Summer Program and staff member Amanda Vietor. Issues will include articles reviewing field trips, library visits, themes and art activities for the week. This week's field trip review by Mia Johns, Phillip Hauck, and Tyler Hauck: On Tuesday, BSA traveled to the bowling alley to test their bowling skills. â�?�?I chose a black ball with a red ace on it, and it helped me score two strikes,â�? said Tyler Hauck.�?  On Thursday we went to Clay County Extension Officeâ�?�?s Camp Day that was put on by The South Dakotaâ�?�?s Farmerâ�?�?s Union. We really enjoyed the day in Prentis Park that was filled with many fun activities. We played games, made visors, and watched a presentation about kindness and following laws. The day was wrapped up with time at the pool. One of our youngest friends, Patrick Dimock swam in the big pool for the first time ever. "That was awesome!" he said. The first BSA Buzz issue also includes a review of their recent trip to the public library where the children are participating in the summer reading program. The writers of the article include many fun and interesting facts they learned from the guest speaker, a beekeeper. To see the complete BSA Buzz newsletter visit or visit the vermillion school district site at and click on after-school program.

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