Valkommen to Midsommar at Dalesburg Lutheran Church

Valkommen to Midsommar at Dalesburg Lutheran Church In the late 1860s, settlers from Dalarna County of Sweden settled in southeastern South Dakota. Along the way, these pioneer families founded Dalesburg Lutheran Church, about 12 miles north of Vermillion, and started a Midsommar celebration tradition that continues today. V�?¤lkommen! Everyoneâ�?�?s invited to join Midsommar 2008 on Friday, June 20. Trio con Brio, featuring three talents trained at Swedenâ�?�?s Royal Academy of Music, will headline the 139th annual Midsommar festival at the little country church. The Tri-Valley Barbershop Chorus will harmonize, as well. The day includes treats like homemade pie, a savory smorgasbord, plus top talent from Sweden and here at home and more. â�?¢ 1 p.m.: The Luther League stand, featuring pie, taverns and snacks, opens on the south lawn. â�?¢ 2 p.m.: Program in the air-conditioned church featuring Trio con Brio and Midsommar Melodies by organist Parker Knox. â�?¢ Afternoon: Youth Lefse Making Factory (lefse will be sold); childrenâ�?�?s train rides beginning at 5 p.m. â�?¢ 4:30-6:30: Scandinavian Smorgasbord, featuring meatballs, potatis korv and other ethnic foods made by the ladies of the church. Cost is $10 per person ($4 for ages 8 and younger). â�?¢ 7 p.m.: Evening program on the beautiful north lawn (weather permitting). The program includes the Dalesburg Community Band, directed by Norm Twedt; Trio Con Brio; the tremendously talented and popular Tri-Valley Barbershop Chorus, based in Viborg; and Scandinavian ring dance for all around the Midsommar Pole. A friendly game of softball follows at the Ben Carlson Field across the road. Trio con Brio was formed in 2001 and features flute, oboe and piano. The members include Carina Cederwall â�?�? flute and vocal, Jan Holmgren â�?�? oboe / English horn and vocal, and Stig Andersson â�?�? piano / arrangements and vocal. All three are educated at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. They have a wide repertoire, but will play Swedish and Scandinavian numbers at Midsommar. Sunday, June 22, features Sunday worship outside (weather permitting) at 9 a.m., presented by the rural areaâ�?�?s three traditionally Swedish churches â�?�? Dalesburg Lutheran, Dalesburg Baptist and Komstad Covenant. Dalesburg Lutheran Church is a traditionally Swedish church founded by Dakota Territory homesteaders who emigrated from Sweden in the 1860s. The first building was erected in 1874. The present sanctuary dates from 1897. The ELCA church features impressive woodwork, stunning stained glass windows, and, of course, Midsommar â�?�? all in a beautiful countryside setting. Dalesburg Lutheran is 12 miles north of Vermillion on the University Road or 5.5 miles west of I-29 exit 38 (Volin).

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