Veterans rejoin the Tour de Kota 2008

Veterans rejoin the Tour de Kota 2008 The Veterans Resource Center, located at 840 E. Cherry St., Vermillion, will rejoin the 4th annual Tour de Kota as a means to raise awareness surrounding those who serve our society in military service. This is the fourth year Veterans have joined the tour to ride on behalf of our brothers and sisters. This year��?s team, comprised of eight riders, will ride in honor of our veterans and their family members. The team��?s efforts are a part of a larger collective vision of learning to return services to those who have served us. In recognition of the sacrifices that service members and their families make, team riders will be pulling large flags representing a diverse set of veterans organizations and different eras behind their bikes. Last year the team sponsored Tom Carpenter, a veteran injured in Iraq in 2005. He will be riding again this year with his wife. For more information, contact Jathan Chicoine, Executive Director of the Veterans Resource Center at 605-202-0101 or Michelle Sejnoha at 605-484-2880.

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