W.H. Over Museum will celebrate 125 years

W.H. Over Museum will celebrate 125 years The W. H. Over Museum began in 1883 with an appropriation from the Dakota Territorial Legislature for the purchase of a display case for artifacts and samples of natural and cultural objects. In observance of 125 years of service to South Dakota and the surrounding region, the Friends of the W. H. Over Museum and Museum Gift Shop will begin the celebration on July 2 with a Kickoff Birthday Celebration from 5 to 8 p.m. at the museum (1110 Ratingen ��? just east of the Dome). Coffee and cookies will be served and the Silent Auction Fundraiser Kickoff will be held. A second observance will be held on July 16 at the museum from 4 to 6 p.m. when the silent auction will be concluded and display cases for the new Vermillion History Exhibit will be formally unveiled in preparation for the grand opening of the exhibit at the museum��?s Annual Christmas Festival (first Sunday afternoon in December). The Vermillion History Exhibit is the museum��?s initial contribution to Verm-illion��?s Sesquicentennial Celebration. The Friends of the W. H. Over Museum have recently received a number of new additions to their collection, exhibits, and programs. Keith Derouchey (on behalf of the Derouchey family) donated a walking stick owned by Gov. Andrew Lee. Arla and Ken Wurtz donated a Gateway computer system, a printer, and a VCR DVD recorder/player. The computer system will be placed in a newly constructed kiosk and will be used to present powerpoint programs to greet visitors to the museum. The printer will be used in the Curator��?s Lab and the VCR/DVD will be used in Sletwold Hall. Mark Derby donated an office chair and a 15 inch computer monitor which will also be used in the Curator��?s Lab. Artifacts and tools donated to the FOM collection are also on display in the museum.

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