Board: Arts are alive and well in Vermillion

Board: Arts are alive and well in Vermillion By David Lias
Plain Talk The board of directors of the Vermillion Area Arts Council have one message they hope to make clear to the Vermillion community: The arts are alive and well here. The future of the local arts council and the Washington Street Arts Center in Vermillion appeared to be on shaky ground earlier this year. Conflicts arose on how to best approach future council activities in the aging arts center that eventually lead to resignation of the board. New board members were elected last May. They include Norma Wilson, president; Steve Merryman, president-elect; Deanna Fuller, treasurer; Teri Davenport, secretary; Micah Wonnenberg, membership committee chair; Judy Zwolak, programming committee chair; and Roger Jeck, building committee chair. â�?�?When the entire board resigned, it required a real commitment from those agreed to serve on an interim board,â�? Wilson said. â�?�?They served from February to May.â�? The board has decided to remain in the Washington Street Arts Center, 202 Washington Street, at least until its annual meeting in 2009. The center was built as the St. Agnes Catholic Church in 1906. Earlier this month, the board voted to engage USDâ�?�?s Government Research Bureau in a project to survey VAAC and community members to help determine the councilâ�?�?s future direction. Upcoming events at the center include the Harvest of the Arts Festival and VAAC annual meeting and fundraiser Sept. 13. Chili Blues is scheduled Oct. 11, and a Biography Project will be held Nov. 12. In a related event, Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve will speak at the W. H. Over Museum on Sept. 5. The VAAC is co-sponsoring the event with the museum and the SD Humanities Council. The VAAC has also put out a call for artists to participate in the councilâ�?�?s â�?�?Harvest of the Arts Festival, Fundraiser, Potluck and Annual Meeting,â�? Saturday, Sept. 13, beginning at 3 p.m., at the arts center. Artists should contact the VAAC by Aug. 8 to be included in the schedule of events. Volunteers are also needed. Call the VAAC (605) 675-9053 or e-mail Deana Fuller at; Norma Wilson at; or Judy Zwolak at Check the VAACâ�?�?s Web site,, for a tentative schedule.

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