Brown is Sanford Vermillion June 2008 PRIDE employee

Brown is Sanford Vermillion June 2008 PRIDE employee Candie Brown, financial counselor was selected as the Sanford Vermillion Medical Center (SVMC) June 2008 PRIDE Employee of the Month. â�?�?Miss Brown is very dedicated. When a patient leaves her office they are relieved with the help they have received. She will always greet you with a smile. Candie is a pleasure to work with. I believe she deserves employee of the month because of her great customer service skills. She always takes the time to help patients and employees, taking a personal interest in each of their concerns and following through. She is very knowledgeable in many areas and either can answer questions or has the resources to find the answers. Candie is always willing to assist patients who may need to be directed to another area or to schedule an appointment. She goes above and beyond and is a great person to work with! I like working with her, she makes me laugh and feel good! Candie is always cheerful . . . and her winning attitude is contagious! Candie is an invaluable asset to our work place family.â�? These comments were shared in nominations for Brown. â�?�?Candie is very professional when working with patients, families and co-workers. She treats them with respect and answers all questions they may have regarding their bills. Candie is a valuable employee and does a great job here at Sanford Vermillion,â�? comments Shelly Bendert, Corporate Compliance/ Outpatient Coordination Director, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center. Candie is married to Jeff Brown and they reside in Vermillion.

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