Browne named Sanford <br />July 2008 PRIDE Employee

Browne named Sanford
July 2008 PRIDE Employee Brett Browne, environmental services, Sanford Vermillion, was selected as the Sanford Vermillion Medical Center (SVMC) July 2008 PRIDE Employee of the Month. Brett helps co-workers when needed, he is always friendly to staff and employees. He keeps the nursing home neat and clean. He really works hard on helping others â�?�? he goes out of his way. He always does his best to keep the residents happy. Brett always has a great attitude when heâ�?�?s here. Heâ�?�?s always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs one. Heâ�?�?s also not afraid to jump in where ever the Care Center may need him. Heâ�?�?s flexible, good spirited and dedicated to getting the job done; no matter what the job may be and where the job takes him. He also shows compassion and empathy for the residents, patients and other employees he comes into contact with. He always puts people in a good mood, always says â�?�?hiâ�? or â�?�?how are you doing todayâ�?. He is very personable and always willing to help anybody out. Heâ�?�?s awesome at his job and at life! Very good attitude about everything! Brett is such a team player, helping whoever needs help, and always has a great attitude and kind words. These comments were shared in nominations for Browne. â�?�?Thank you Brett for all your contributions and efforts. We are proud to have you as part of our team,â�? said Joan Reed, environmental services director, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center. Brett is a native of Vermillion. He is married to Kim (Hoffman). They have five children and reside in Vermillion.

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