Plate with owner: What every customer should know

Plate with owner: What every customer should know While state and county officials are working to cut long wait times for customers coming to their county treasurer��?s office for titling and registration business, customers can also help shorten the transaction time by being prepared for their visit before they even step in line. South Dakota��?s plate with owner system, which became effective July 1, is not only a change in computer systems but also in business practices. Under the new system, the license plates on a vehicle belong to the titled owner(s) of the vehicle. If the vehicle is sold, the seller keeps the plates for use on the next vehicle they acquire as long as it is the same type of vehicle and the plates are not expired. Unlike the previous mainframe system, the web-based system ties all of a vehicle owner��?s records together under one customer so when a customer��?s name is pulled up on the system, it will automatically show all of the vehicles associated with that name. Such access makes it possible to do multiple vehicle renewals at one time. The new system also allows for the future implementation of online vehicle registration, meaning vehicle owners will be able to register their vehicles over the Internet from the privacy of their own homes. Debra Hillmer, director of the Department of Revenue & Regulation��?s Division of Motor Vehicles, says ensuring a customer��?s vehicle records are up-to-date is a key component of the new system. Customers having multiple vehicles can ensure their information is correct by bringing the title and registration paperwork on all of their vehicles with them when they visit the county treasurer��?s office. Hillmer says while it may take a little time to verify the information in the system on their initial trip, being able to pull all of a customer��?s records together will mean shorter visits to the treasurer��?s office in the future. In addition to bringing their title and registration paperwork, customers should also bring some form of ID, be it their South Dakota driver license or identification card, or be ready to provide their Social Security number. More information on the plate with owner concept and how customers can prepare for their role in the new system can be found at Brochures are also available at all county treasurer offices in South Dakota or on the SDcars Web site.

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