Red Sox improve record to 11-4

Red Sox improve record to 11-4 By Parker Knox
Sports Writer The Vermillion Red Sox improved their record to 11-4 with an 8-2 domination of the South Sioux City Biscuits at Prentis Park on July 2. Tyler Tasker controlled the visitors from the mound, spreading four hits and two runs over his eight-inning tour of duty. Curt Truhe pitched a scoreless ninth inning in a relief role. Jim McNaughton��?s two-run home run was the game��?s big blow offensively. He also had another hit in leading the Sox at the plate. While the Red Sox schedule calls for a game at Elk Point this Sunday, that contest may be moved to Prentis Park because of a scheduling conflict in Elk Point. Fans should check the Red Sox Web site at for updated information, but manager Kirk Sorenson said Monday it is possible the Sox game will be played late in the afternoon, following the Post 1 Legion game, which starts at 1 p.m. The Red Sox have a busy week ahead. They will be on the road to Valley Springs Tuesday and to Akron Wednesday before hosting Renner at Prentis Park next Thursday.

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