Room service for Sanford Hospital Vermillion patients

Room service for Sanford Hospital Vermillion patients Sanford Hospital Vermillion began offering room service to patients on June 1. The hospitalsâ�?�? nutrition services department made the change to offer patients more choices and allow them to have some control while they are a patient in the hospital. Room service allows patients to order the foods they want on a more flexible schedule. Room service offers many advantages to patients, staff, and the hospital. It allows patients to choose foods that appeal to them during their hospital stay. â�?�?Our extensive menu offers a wide variety of items to choose from. The menu is geared towards presenting heart healthy foods in an attractive and upscale manner,â�? said Barb Kingsbury, nutrition services manager. Patients are more likely to eat foods they like. In somecases, eating may speed patientsâ�?�? recovery times. Before room service was offered, nursing staff delivered meal trays to patientsâ�?�? rooms at meal times. Now, nutrition services staff take patientsâ�?�? and guestsâ�?�? orders most hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. When the food has been prepared, staff delivers meal trays to patients and their guests. This system gives nurses more time to concentrate on caring for patients rather then delivering trays. Sanford Hospital Vermillion Room Service menu choices were developed by nutrition services staff and the registered dietitian at Sanford Vermillion. Nutrition, variety, and ease of preparation were important factors in deciding which foods to include on the menu. Red heart symbols appear next to heart-healthy food choices and carbohydrate counts are also shown after each food item. This helps patients make healthy food choices, especially those with diabetes or heart health issues. Daily specials are also available for patients to order. Patients may order food anytime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Their meals are delivered within 45 minutes of ordering. Family members and friends visiting with patients may also order guest trays from the menu. Kingsbury said sheâ�?�?s no-ticed less waste since implementing room service. â�?�?Be-cause patients are ordering and eating the foods they like, less food is wasted. This reduces costs and is much more efficient.â�? â�?�?Our goal in the Sanford Vermillion Nutrition Services Department is to de-liver the best possible service and improve customer satisfaction. We are proud to offer room service to our patients. Not many other small, rural hospitals are doing this,â�? concluded Kingsbury. Sanford Hospital Vermillion is a member of Sanford Health.

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