Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights By Cleo Erickson Land sales in the area: 80 acres west of Meckling to Herman Peterson $5,600.00. 160 acres south of Meckling�? to Nels Larson $12,000.00. 80 acres east of Vermillion to Nels Peterson $6,000.00. The Vermillion Auto Company expect their demonstrating car to reach this city the first of next week, when their manager and salesman, E. O. Cushman, will be ready and pleased at all times to show prospective buyers and all others the superiority of the Buick machine. The potato bug is destructive, the cinch bug is bad but the humbug beats them both. Contractor August Peterson is getting along nicely with the job of making the old courthouse look like a new one â�?�? on the inside at least. Service will be held in the Swedish church next Sunday evening, Feb. 14, at 7:30 p.m. when Rev. B. N. Glim of Dalesburg will speak in the Swedish language. The mule sale held at the Woodworth barn on Saturday of last week did not draw a big crowd as was expected and the buying was not very brisk.�? Only twenty mules were sold. Thompson & Olson are figuring on having another sale soon to dispose of the balance. Ole Jetley has succeeded in getting enough signatures to a petition to compel the town board of Meckling to submit the saloon question to the voters of Meckling Township. The new $50,000.00 law building of the State University at Vermillion was dedicated on Tuesday. It takes a lot of nerve to enable a young married man to enter a store and purchase a dozen safety pins from a former sweetheart. The lunch emporium which has been operated by Smith and Palmer for the past month in the Miller building on Main Street, closed its doors on Tuesday to the public and the first of the week will find the building occupied by Wm. Hosteller for meat market purposes. A dogfight created a bit of excitement on Main Street the first of the week. A big bulldog pitched into a little hairy shepherd and proceeded to â�?�?hold him fastâ�?.�? Club blows failed to make him let go of his hold, but a pail of cold water properly applied made him release his grip on the purp. Vermillion is to have another moving picture show; the Salmer building on Main Street is being fitted up for that purpose this week. The proprietor is Mr. Fred Robinson of Sioux City. Architect McDaniel has prepared the plans for the heating plant for the new city hall, and they will be submitted to the council at its meeting on Monday night. The licensed liquor saloon is not conducted in the interests of a higher and nobler welfare of the community. It is not a creator, but rather a destroyer.�? It is conducted solely for profit and it burns to cinders, in the fire of appetite, the manhood of those who become its patrons. The best form of sweet for either old or young is honey, because it is practically predigested and is restful to the digestive organs. They used to maintain that the advent of tramps and spring was a simultaneous event. Though spring is tardy, the tramp is on deck and knocking at the kitchen doors for a bite wherewith to appease his appetite. Some have been interviewing the Vermillion housewives the past week, and when their errand is made known with proper politeness and modest mien the handout is usually forthcoming, but when accompanied with insolent insistence and positive demands the doors are, or should be slammed in their faces with suddenness and shock that will tend to cut off further debate. Tramps are at best the not welcome visitors at any time of day, and it is altogether best not to tolerate their calls when made after twilight. Short suggestions: Scaling fish is easier if first dipped in boiling water. A little kerosene added to the wash water is said to make the clothes extra white. Save the water in which potatoes have been boiled and use it to wash tarnished brass. It will come out as bright as new. A delicious salad may be made of grapefruit pulp, white grapes and stalks of romaine, dressed with oil and vinegar and sweetened slightly. At the annual meeting of the Vermillion Cemetery Association held on March 26th, the report for the year showed that the amount of money taken in during the year was $664.00; the mount expended was $374.07, leaving a balance on hand of $289.93. Mayor Ferry called a special meeting of the city council to consider matters pertaining to the locating of the footings of the new city hall. A few chug-chug cars have made their appearance this spring, but the roads are not yet in condition for their general use. If you lost a costly fur mitten, claim it at the Dakota Republican office.

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