Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights By Cleo Erickson Excerpts from the Dakota Republican 1908 continued William Howard Taft, Republican nominee for President of the United States will be in Vermillion Tuesday evening, Sept. 29.�? He will arrive on the train sometime in the late afternoon, probably somewhere between six and eight oâ�?�?clock.�? The committee hopes he will address the crowd for at least half an hour. On Monday evening of next week, William Jennings Bryan, the Democratic nominee for the Presidency will make a short address in Vermillion on his return trip from the Corn Palace at Mitchell.�? He is due to arrive in Vermillion about seven oâ�?�?clock and will make the address from the platform of his car on the special train at the depot. A new Smith-Premier typewriter has been purchased for the office of the County Judge at the courthouse. Judge Copeland has used his own typewriter and when this fact was brought to the notice of the Commissioners they at once purchased a new machine for the Judge. The Taft special train is due to arrive in Vermillion at 6:02 on Tuesday evening and leave at 6:12. He will make a 12 minute address. A spark from the steam threshing outfit set fire to an entire stack of oats at W. S. Burr. The loss amounted to $250.00. A good crowd greeted Mr. Bryan when he visited our fair city. The train schedule was changed so he arrived at 5:30 p.m. He was met at the depot and escorted by carriage to the Waldorf Hotel.�? He addressed the crowd that gathered to hear him from the east porch. A deal was consummated this week whereby W. H. Beede has disposed of his lumberyard to the Fullerton Lumber Company. Hr. Herbert Palm of Chatsworth, IA will be taking over the yard. Remember the Temperance Rally at the big tent on the courthouse lawn.�? A monster mass meeting will be held Saturday evening in the interests of the county option campaign.�? A stirring address will be given by Dean Sterling and Professor Perisho.�? The movement is strictly non-partisan and omni-sectarian, and all interested in the highest welfare of Clay County should be present. The Canning Company will buy your good ripe field pumpkins, must be delivered at once.�? Weigh your loads on Thompsonâ�?�?s scales at the elevator. Short Suggestions: Ripe tomatoes can be cooked in butter, and a cupful of spaghetti added will make a tempting dish for lunch. Black lead mixed with vinegar will be found to give a specially good polish for the kitchen stove. A little flour sprinkled in the pan when eggs are frying will prevent the sputtering hot fat that is so disagreeable. The roller rink in the Iverson building will open on Saturday afternoon, and will be running both afternoon and evening that day. Every sidewalk in the city has been turned into a roller rink by the youngsters. Pedestrians must now look out for themselves. South Dakota bank reports show that, this very minute, there are over one hundred dollars on deposit in the State for every man, woman and child residing in it. Contract is let for new city hall Eric Nylen secured the contract with a bid of $19,845. Mr. Nylen intends to commence work as soon as possible. He will get all the materials ready to commence again in the spring. The Vermillion Canning factory put up over 20,000 cans of tomatoes last summer. Nails in bathrooms and kitchens on which damp cloths and towels are hung should be dipped in enamel so that they may not leave rusty marks. Do not throw away lettuce because it is withered.�?  Wash it in cold water, place on plate, cover with a crock or pan over night and your lettuce will be more tender and crisp than when first taken from your garden. Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Maude celebrated their 25th wedding at their home on Saturday evening.�? Mr. & Mrs. Maude are held in high esteem by their large circle of friends which was attested by the large number of valuable presents showered on them for the occasion. The first installment of the new two-cent postage stamps reached the Vermillion post office last week, and made their first appearance at the stamp window. The new stamp is slightly larger than the old one, and the design is much plainer. The regular meeting of the city council on Monday evening was a tame sort of an affair when compared to some of the meetings that have been held the last three months. Mayor Ferry was instructed to prepare a suitable program for the proper commemoration of the 100th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. He was ordered to wire Governor Vessey that the City of Vermillion would give $25 to a fund for the Italian earthquake sufferers. After paying the bills, the meeting adjourned. Excerpts taken from a historical edition of the Dakota Republican published in 1908.

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