Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from The Dakota Republican 1908
July-December By Cleo Erickson Horseback riding seems to be a popular pastime evenings in the city.�?  Almost every evening parties of three to ten may be seen enjoying the sport. Yesterday morning the brow of the hill was lined with people interested in seeing the circus men unload their paraphernalia preparatory to moving it to the Fair grounds. We are informed by John Hirt that the Missouri River is again getting in its devastating work just southwest of town.�? It is cutting away twenty-five feet a day and those traveling along there are compelled to break new roadways everyday. The restaurant of C. T. Hutchinson was closed by the Sheriff on Monday morning and a lien was taken on the stock of goods to satisfy the claims of creditors. Anthrax is now attacking the cattle herds in Yankton County; it is an alarming menace in a wide area. The latest window attraction in the city is in Helgesons Pharmacy.�? It is a large window clock, the dial being painted artistically on the window, and the driving mechanism established on a pedestal behind the glass.�?  It is an original novelty, and the first of its kind to be introduced in this part of the country. Work on the new Lutheran Church is progressing rapidly and effectively.�? The walls are well nigh up to the cornice and many window frames are in position. The location of the new church is on the corner of Harvard and Main. The Vermillion Canning Factory will open on Saturday morning of this week. All those who desire to work at the factory this season are requested to report to the office of the secretary on Friday. Good paint at less than wholesale price. I am closing out two of the best known and most reliable brands at $1.25 per gallon.�?  See W. H. Beede NOTICE FOR BIDS FOR NEW CITY HALL Notice is hereby given, the City Council will receive bids (sealed) for the erection of a new city hall until the 5th day of October 1908, at the hour of eight oâ�?�?clock p.m. according to plans and specifications now on file in the Office of the City Auditor. The City Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids. All bids must be accompanied with a certified check of $250.00.�?  Dated this 8th day of September 1908.�? C. F. Vincent, City Auditor. The Canning Factory wants tomato peelers right away.�? Women and girls can obtain good wages and plenty of work while the season lasts. Hon. L. A. Iverson of Norway Township is, we believe, the first landowner in our county to initiate the process of plowing by purely mechanical power.�? He purchased through the agency of E. C. Barton an International Traction Engine carrying a gang of 4 plows.�? The machine is operated with gasoline, and will do the work of several teams, with small running expense. It is an expensive piece of equipment with expenditure between $1500.00 and $2,000.00.�? They are capable of an immense amount of work in a brief period and they are anthrax proof. WEST SIDE SCHOOL NOTES: The first 2 weeks of school were uneventful except for the hot weather.�?  The students made strenuous efforts to bring their wandering minds to the demands of lessons and recitations when it was much â�?�?nicerâ�? to roll on the cool grass beneath the shade tree.�?  The Sioux City fair drew Willie Donohue and Paul Barber away a couple of days last week to see the sights. Nellie Lawrence withdrew from school after one weekâ�?�?s attendance.�? John Anderson, who boards at the home of Mrs. Conrad, is the latest one to enroll in the 8th grade. The basketball team has sent for a new ball and as soon as it arrives the girlâ�?�?s team will use the old one with which to practice. The raising of the anthrax quarantine in Clay County tomorrow at midnight will result in having the ferry boats plying between Vermillion and Nebraska parts from their moorings and once more revive trade and traffic with people across the continental river. BOYS WILL BE BOYS: The rapid wearing out of boys clothing has always been a puzzle to parents.�?  Bring your boy in for a â�?�?try onâ�? of our boy proof clothes, and your mending troubles will instantly vanish. Lee & Prentis Store The Vermillion Canning Company wants help and they want it bad. They want tomato peelers at ONCE.�? It seems that the city ought to be able to furnish forty or fifty women and girls to supply this demand.�? In other towns where there are canning factories the best people in town turn out and help during the short season. The pay is good, some earn $1.50 per day easily. The good people need to wake up and not let the canning factory suffer for want of help. Excerpts taken from a historical edition of the Dakota Republic published in 1908.

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