Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights A canning factory for Vermillion is now assured â�?�? will can only tomatoes and beans the first year By Cleo Erickson The company will furnish the plants to customers at 10�?¢ per 100 plants. It will require 2,722 plants per acre for 4×4 planting. The company will sell hand planters, with which one man can set and water 1,000 plants per day, at $4. The old creamery will be leased, the seed has been ordered and the warehouse planned. Clean up: Now is the time to remove trash, rubbish and manure from barns, streets and alleys. A strict compliance of this order of Mayor H. H. Ferry, will not only improve the beauty of our city, but will also prevent sickness and nauseating odors later on. Get busy at once. The Air Line Bridge has been repaired and teams are crossing every day. The county is fortunate in saving the bridge, as it would have meant quite a loss had the floodwaters carried it away. The ice wagon started on its rounds last Monday, though it will be several days yet before daily service will be a necessity. We do not believe that Roy C. Davis will have any opposition in the primaries next Tuesday for the nomination of school treasurer to succeed himself. The Vermillion Canning Company has changed its plans and will occupy the west side and basement of the Brosius building instead of on the bottom as originally planned. It was found the old creamery building was too small. The street grading gang has been working this week on University St. and Forest Ave. The big machine will be put on Dakota Ave. which is in the most need of grading. Early Seed Corn Pride of the North: I am offering for sale a quantity of early seed corn, which has been thoroughly tested and averages 96 percent good. Am offering this corn at $1 per bushel. Contact Knute Severson. Remember that your dog tax becomes due May 1. If you have a dog worth anything, it is certainly worth the paltry sum of $1 yearly, assessed by the city. Untaxed dogs will be disposed of as usual. The University is unable to have summer school this summer due to an appropriation for a complete sanitary system to be installed in time for the fall term. The improvement affects all four buildings. The canning factory has secured a quantity of beans for planting suitable for canning. Although the local price for wheat has reached 92 and 98�?¢ and corn is bringing 32$ a bushel, very little of those commodities are being marketed. The tomato plants are being planted for the canning factory. Not withstanding the tragedy of last Saturday, a number of venturesome youths were swimming in the Vermillion last Sunday. It may not be possible to keep the kids out of the water, but the police promise to arrest any person they find in the water not properly garbed. The gentler sex rather had control of things at the courthouse yesterday. Mrs. Kahl was in her office, Mrs. Weeks was acting deputy in the Clerk of Courts office and Miss Johnson was officiating in the same capacity in the Auditorâ�?�?s office. Workmen are busy installing the machinery in the canning factory. Ice consumers are frequent with their words of praise of the quality of aqua pura furnished this year. There are also words of commendations for the courteous iceman. Several people have suggested that automobiles are being driven at too fast a pace through the city. It would probably be as well to go slower before someone is hurt as afterwards. Owing to the increase in business, W. H. Lawton has engaged Bert Morrison to assist him during the summer. It is Mr. Lawtonâ�?�?s intention to take pictures of every house in the city and county for post cards, which shows commendable enterprise on his part and which will pay him well, we are sure. A smallpox suspect from near Irene has been taken to the pest house and nearby residents are complaining bitterly. It seems to us that the pest house should be located in a more isolated place. The labels for the tomato cans to be filled and prepared for market at the factory this year have arrived. The lithographer certainly did himself credit in printing the labels. The first brand of tomatoes will be known as â�?�?Dakota First,â�? and the second quality as â�?�?Dakota Pride.â�? Superintendent Christianson has received an order for 5,000 crates of tomatoes as fast as the factory can turn them out. This will be nearly the entire output of the factory. Excerpts taken from a historical edition of the Vermillion Plain Talk published in 1907. 2009 will mark the 150th birthday of the city of Vermillion. Each week until the sesquicentennial celebration, this column will present notable historic information pertaining to the city and surrounding areas.

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