The Bluffs Buletin Board

The Bluffs Buletin Board Senior play
in split divisions On July 8, we separated according to age. In the younger menâ�?�?s grouping, who played from the white tees, the winning team consisted of Ken Beringer, Al Clem, Dave Zimmer and Dave Helseth, guest and son of Lloyd Helseth. Their team scored a 36. Al Clem of this team made a 32-foot par putt on #18 to give his team the one shot victory. In the more mature menâ�?�?s division, first place went to the team of Dick Gregory, Elmer Mount, Maurice Erickson, Berwyn Svoboda and Don Imming. Taking second in the mature guysâ�?�? division was the team of Vern Holter, Lloyd Helseth, Fritz Bartels, Louie Fostvedt and Guy Button. On this team, Lloyd Helseth held the honor of using his drive and he completed hole #12 by making the birdie himself. So he was given an â�?�?atta boyâ�? by his teammates for getting a birdie too on #12 all by himself.

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