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three-man teams On July 22, the seniors played the traditional format of three men per team using the late Howard Connor��?s standard procedure. Scoring ended up in a three-way tie for first place at 37. The best team according to the use of the handicap holes was Elmer Mount, Pat Boyle and Dennis Navrat. On this championship team, Pat Boyle sank a 55-foot birdie putt on #5. He described his putt as uphill with a slight right to left curve which he dropped dead center in the cup. Taking second was the team of Lloyd Helseth, Don Baer and Dick Kellogg. Placing third was the team of Bob Lund, Jack Doyle, Al Clem and fill in, Mo Marcotte. On this team, Jack Doyle got a 30-foot birdie putt to drop on #3. Capturing fourth place with the better of two 38s was the team of Ray Lynn, Bob Solomon and Dick Burbach. The fifth place team with the other 38 was Vern Holter, Jim Grabowski and Shorty Hanson. Jim Reed had a 36-foot birdie putt on #5 which he made for his team even though his group did not win a prize.

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