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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Slow night
for W.E.L.L. With the course filled with golfers in preparation for playing in the pro-am tournament or in anticipation of being shut off from the course for four days, W.E.L.L. played its round July 9. Despite the plethora of golfers out on the course, or perhaps because of it, the W.E.L.L. ranks seemed thin. Nevertheless, those present were treated to a warm, windless evening in which to play. Having a good round and shooting the low gross score for the evening was Ann Stewart with a 46. She also had a great net score of 32 (thatâ�?�?s a 14 handicap). However, the low net for the evening was shot by Barb Ballensky with a 30 (53-23). Having the only birdie (except for the deceased, decapitated dove on the #12 green) was Kathy Merrigan-Manning who was still not saturated on #10. The group in which Kathy played was treated to beverages part way through the round and, while hampering the accuracy of the golf shots, increased the likelihood that the golfers wouldnâ�?�?t care about that. Winning the Quackson for the evening was Jennifer Steele. â�?�?Golf is based on honesty, where else would you admit to a seven on a par three?â�? â�?�?Jimmy Demaret

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