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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Seniors matched by ability On June 23, teams were organized according to skill levels. In the top category, the winning team was Harlan Schott, Turk Pilker and Ross King with a 34. In the intermediate matches, the team of Don Baer, Cleland Cook and Elmer Mount won with a 36 while also in that category the team of Vern Holter, Jack Doyle and Al Clem defeated their opponents with a 36. Ken Beringer sank a 36 foot putt on #15 in a losing effort for his team. In the skill level we call the â�?�?C â�? group, the winners were Van Pierce, Jim Reed and Joe Conroy. There was controversy as to who won in the two versus two competition, so both teams were given prizes and we moved on to next weekâ�?�?s games. Rex Huska made a 35-foot birdie putt on #17.

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