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The BSA Buzz The BSA Buzz is a weekly publication created by the children attending the BSA (Beyond School Adventures) Summer Program and staff member Amanda Vietor. Issues will include articles reviewing field trips, library visits, themes, and art activities for the week. This weekâ�?�?s field trip review, by Michael Griffin and Chantel Johnson On Tuesday, the students of BSA visited the National Music Museum on the campus of USD. Many unique instruments were viewed while taking a tour through the museum including a flute that is long enough to extend from the ground in front of Old Main (a building on the USD campus) all the way up to the steeple. Nicole Hauckâ�?�?s favorite instrument was the Nickelodeon. â�?�?I liked the Nickelodeon because it had a lot of instruments inside of it like the bass drum, triangle, cymbal, and another drum. There were also piano keys,â�? she said. The tour guides Dr. Deborah Reeves and Emily Heisterkamp provided the students with a lot of information about the instruments. Different parts of instruments were discussed. â�?�?There is more than one kind of reed. There single, double, and flesh reeds. Almost every kind of instrument you need to blow into has some kind of a reed,â�? said Tyler Hauck. During the tour of the museum, the students saw rooms that contained instruments that were played by famous musicians, colorful instruments, and antique instruments. â�?�?My favorite part of the museum was the big drum in the entry way. It was from another country, and the person that plays the drum has to climb up on the wagon that carries it because it is so big,â�? said Yang Xu. Along with the informative tour of the museum, BSA students also created their own instruments by flattening and cutting a straw. All in all, the day at the museum was fun and informative! To see the complete BSA Buzz newsletter visit <<a href="">> or visit the vermillion school district site at <<a href="">> and click on after-school program

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