Thurman is president of South Dakota Aerie

Thurman is president of South Dakota Aerie Creighton Thurman, Vermillion, was installed as president, Dakota State Aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles for 2008-2009 at the conclusion of the Dakota State Eagles Convention held in Mandan, ND, June 12-13-14. Mary Berger, Mandan, was installed as president, Dakota State Auxiliary, Fraternal Order of Eagles for the same ensuing fraternal year. Other aerie officers elected were: Greg Anderson, New Rockford, ND, vice president; Kashmer Kremer, Dickinson, ND, chaplain; Robert Nelson, Harvey, ND, treasurer; Leo Becker, Bismarck, ND, secretary; Marty Boyle, Bismarck, ND, conductor; Kenneth (Andy) Anderson, Vermillion, inside guard; James Hilderbrant, Valley City, ND, outside guard; trustees: Chuck Blumhardt, Aberdeen; Richard Haas, Valley City, ND; and Jerome Fjeld, Minot, ND. The outgoing state president is Gene Muth, Mandan, ND, who now become Jr. past state president. Other auxiliary officers elected were: Holly Niemi, Rugby, vice president; Melanie Moore, Minot, ND, chaplain; Bev Alex, Minot, ND, treasurer; Francis Becker, Bismarck, ND, secretary; Mona Peters, Rapid City, conductor; Kim Kramer, Dickinson, ND, inside guard; Janet Sinkler, New Rockford, ND, outside guard; trustees: Jeralyn Behm, Valley City, ND; Debra Brown, Bismarck, ND; and Marsha Blumhardt, Aberdeen. The outgoing auxiliary state president is Delores Roberts, Watertown, who now becomes Jr. past madam state president. At the banquet on Friday, June 13, the following grants, awards and presentations were presented: Grants: $3,500 grant from the Max Baer Heart Fund, $4,000 grant from the Art Ehrmann Cancer Fund and $5,000 grant from the D.D. Dunlap Kidney Fund, presented by Delores Roberts, Dakota state madam president, to North Dakota State University, Fargo. Grants: $2,000 grant from the Robert Hanson Diabetes Fund and $7,000 grant from the Jimmy Durante Children��?s Fund presented by Gene Muth, Dakota state aerie president to Home On The Range. Awards: Dakota State Auxiliary Hall of Fame was presented by Dakota state madam Delores Roberts to Jean Ofsthun, Minot Auxiliary #2376. Dakota State Aerie Hall of Fame was presented by past Dakota state aerie president James Sollin, Minot, ND, to Peter Schall, Well Aerie #3080 (Harvey, ND). Dakota State Eagles Scholarships grant in amount of $500 was presented by past Dakota state president Kyle Straabe, New Rockford, ND, to Kristin Albers, New Rockford, ND, who plans to attend North Dakota State University and major in pharmacy. Special Presentations: Dakota state aerie president Gene Muth presented to Home On The Range ��? Boys & Girls: a dollar amount total of his project to date along with a very special estate donation of $50,000 from Ken and Ellie Kunkel, St. Cloud, MN. Other awards presented by the auxiliary during the business sessions were: Mrs. Eagle of the Year, Phyllis Norstedt, Bismarck, ND, and Mother of the Year, Naomi Rogers, Bismarck, ND. Total all Charity Donations (Aerie): $88,796.09 to the various Eagle Charities with the largest contributions to Home On The Range ��? Boys & Girls. Grand Aerie/Grand Auxiliary representatives in attendance were: Ken Cross, past grand worthy president, Lady Smith, British Columbia; Chuck Lang, grand inside guard, Harvey, ND; Dale Webster, Valley City, ND, past grand worthy president; Quentin Larson, Vermillion, north central regional president (2007-2008); and John Tobie, Grand Rapids, MN, north central regional president (2008-2009); Joyce Avery, past grand madam president, Las Vegas, NV; Marge Reinke, St. James, MN, north central regional president (2007-2008); Carol Hilgemann, north central regional president (2008-2009) Jamestown, ND; Lois Nelson, Fargo, ND, and Joanne Rott, Jamestown, ND, past grand madam presidents. Next year��?s convention will be held in Vermillion, June 11-12-13, 2009.

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