USD ranks 8th out of 1,200 NCAA institutions in postgraduate scholarships

USD ranks 8th out of 1,200 NCAA institutions in postgraduate scholarships Since the 2001-02 academic year, The University of South Dakota is in the top 1 percent of all 1,200 NCAA institutions in terms of receiving NCAA postgraduate scholarships. With five Coyotes earning a postgraduate scholarship this past season, USD student-athletes have earned a total of 14 such scholarships in the past seven years. That total ranks USD eighth in the nation, ahead of universities such as the University of North Carolina and the University of Georgia. â�?�?Accomplishments of this magnitude donâ�?�?t happen by chance,â�? said Dave Lorenz, coordinator of athletic academic advising at USD. â�?�?Student-athletes need to be dedicated scholars, coaches must be very supportive of the studentâ�?�?s academic pursuits, and a caring faculty extend encouragement and mentoring. It truly is a team effort at The University of South Dakota and we are all very proud to work with such extraordinary student-athletes.â�? Katie Freeman (womenâ�?�?s soccer), Emilie Kluth (womenâ�?�?s swimming and diving), Jill Smolczyk (womenâ�?�?s swimming and diving), Stephanie Gebhart (womenâ�?�?s track and field) and Colte Haines (menâ�?�?s track and field) each received a NCAA postgraduate scholarship this past season. USDâ�?�?s total of five scholarships is the third highest total of all NCAA institutions. Only Stanford (10) and Nebraska (six) received more scholarships than USD this past year. â�?�?Academic accomplishments like this start with outstanding athletes, coaches and campus support,â�? said Joel Nielsen, USD director of athletics. â�?�?The support and guidance provided by David Lorenz and Tina Keller is instrumental in being one of the nationâ�?�?s leaders in NCAA postgraduate scholarships. Our student-athletes have the opportunity to flourish here and certainly benefit from the full campus involvement in their educational experience.â�? In 1964 the NCAA created a new way to reward the most accomplished student-athletes throughout the nation by developing the postgraduate scholarship program. The scholarship rewards student-athletes who have maintained an overall grade point average of 3.2 or its equivalent and performed with distinction as a member of the varsity team in the sport in which a student-athlete was nominated. The NCAA postgraduate scholarship has recently led to successful careers for a pair of former Coyotes. After receiving her scholarship, former track and field standout Emily Fox, a native of Sioux Falls, attended medical school at USD and is now doing cancer research at the University of Wisconsin. Bill Gassen, a native of Rapid City and former member of the football and track and field team, is now working for the Boyce, Greenfield, Pashby, & Welk law firm in Sioux Falls after having attended law school at USD. Top 10 Institutions of All 1,200 NCAA Universities Since 2001-02 Season 1. Stanford University â�?�? 41 2. Emory University â�?�? 37 3. University of Nebraska, Lincoln â�?�? 21 4. Gustavus Adolphus College â�?�? 17 5. Nebraska Wesleyan University â�?�? 16 6. University of Florida â�?�? 15 7. University of Missouri, Columbia â�?�? 15 8. The University of South Dakota â�?�? 14 9. Carleton College â�?�? 11 10. Truman State University â�?�? 12 List of NCAA Postgraduate Scholars from USD Since 2001-02 Athletic Season Jarrod Edelen, Football, 2003 Bill Gassen, Football/Menâ�?�?s Track and Field, 2004 Paul Brozik, Menâ�?�?s Track and Field, 2004 Emily Fox, Womenâ�?�?s Track and Field, 2004 Brianne Edwards, Womenâ�?�?s Track and Field, 2004 Marci Miller, Womenâ�?�?s Track and Field, 2005 Meghann Reifenrath, Womenâ�?�?s Track and Field, 2006 Mara McGill, Womenâ�?�?s Track and Field, 2007 Heidi Muellenberg, Womenâ�?�?s Track and Field, 2007 Katie Freeman, Womenâ�?�?s Soccer, 2008 Emilie Kluth, Womenâ�?�?s Swimming and Diving, 2008 Jill Smolczyk, Womenâ�?�?s Swimming and Diving, 2008 Stephanie Gebhart, Womenâ�?�?s Track and Field, 2008 Colte Haines, Menâ�?�?s Track and Field, 2008

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