Vermillion Police complete huffing investigation

Vermillion Police complete huffing investigation A Vermillion area juvenile remains hospitalized as a result of inhaling the fumes from an aerosol can of compressed air. On June 19, the Vermillion Police Department responded to the area of Tom Street regarding a medical assistance call. Officers found a 13-year-old female unconscious and unresponsive. The officers initiated CPR until the arrival of medical personnel. The juvenile was transported to Sanford Vermillion Hospital and was later transferred to Sioux Falls. The police investigation revealed the juvenile, along with another 13-year-old female, had been huffing and consuming alcohol. Huffing is the deliberate inhalation or sniffing of fumes, vapors or gases from common household products for the purpose of â�?�?getting high.â�? Huffing is also called sniffing, dusting or bagging. The product used in this case was a can of compressed air which is typically purchased to clean the dust off computer keyboards and other components. â�?�?Air dustingâ�? is currently the most prominent form of huffing. However, any product from an aerosol can or fumes from other solvents such as glue are also used in huffing. Within seconds of inhalation, the user experiences intoxication along with other effects similar to those produced by alcohol. Alcohol-like effects may include slurred speech, an inability to coordinate movements, dizziness, confusion and delirium. Nausea and vomiting are other common side effects. In addition, users may experience lightheadedness, hallucinations and delusions. After heavy use of inhalants, abusers may feel drowsy for several hours and experience a lingering headache. Because intoxication lasts only a few minutes, abusers frequently seek to prolong their high by continuing to inhale repeatedly over the course of several hours. By doing this, abusers can suffer loss of consciousness and death. The Vermillion Police Department has completed this investigation. The results of the investigation and recommended charges have been forwarded to the Clay County Stateâ�?�?s Attorneyâ�?�?s Office.

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