Weldon will bring <br />anti-drug message

Weldon will bring
anti-drug message By David Lias
Plain Talk Gary Weldon is on a mission. The traveling entertainer hopes to make local youth aware of this key message if they are ever approached by someone who wants them to use drugs: â�?�?No! Go! Tell!â�? These words make up the cornerstone of this 45-minute show which has an anti-alcohol, anti-tobacco, anti-â�?other illegalâ�? drugs message and is targeted to elementary age kids. Weldon, a puppeteer, ventriloquist and magician from Moorhead, IA, will bring his message here at 2 p.m. Friday, Aug. 1. He will perform in the Coyote Twin Theatre, and all children are welcome to attend. The show encourages children to respect law officers but to also realize that they are kidsâ�?�? friends. The showâ�?�?s cast of characters include the Dew It â�?�? Sayno Puppets. In addition to being entertaining, the puppets have a serious�? side to their part of the show. â�?�?The kids are taught what to do when a good friend tries to talk them into doing something they know is wrong,â�? Weldon said. â�?�?The puppets teach them how to stay out of trouble. â�?�?The puppetsâ�?�? main message is that someday, your best friend may try to get you to do something that you know is wrong,â�? he said. â�?�?The kids are taught how to say no.â�? Weldon has been an entertainer for many year, performing shows that an designed for entire families to enjoy. A few years ago, he began presenting shows designed specifically for kids. Heâ�?�?s appeared in elementary schools, libraries and auditoriums throughout the Midwest. The upcoming show here will be the fifth time he has performed in Vermillion. He hopes kids who are interested in attending the Aug. 1 show will bring along a friend. Weldon is thankful to the Coyote Twin Theatre for allowing him to use their facilities for the show. Also making the show possible, he said, are local sponsors: Ava Morgan, Broad- caster/Plain Talk�? Cherry St. Grille/The Roadhouse,�? The Coffee Shop Gallery, Coyote Twin/Vermillion Theatre, Dairy Queen, Fast Auto Glass�? 1st Bank & Trust, First Dakota National Bank, �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �?  H & R Block â�?�? Steve Amerine, Kalins Indoor Comfort, Murphâ�?�?s Appliance, Nook â�?�?n Cranny/Never Never Land, Pump N Pak, Recuerdos, �? �? �? �? �?  R Pizza, Sanford Vermillion,�? �? �? �? �? �? �? �?  Toddâ�?�?s Electric,�? Vermillion Federal Credit Union,�? �? �? �? �? �? �? �?  Vermillion Ford, Inc., Vermillion Wal-Mart and the Westside Inn.

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