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the best for Maddie Rotary wishes the best for Maddie The Vermillion Rotary Club held its weekly luncheon meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 19, at the Neuharth Center on the USD campus. President Mary Edelen opened the meeting and led the members in the invocation. A round of singing, announcements, and introduction of guests followed this. Rotarian Ruth Scott was introduced as the speaker for the day. Her presentation was entitled â�?�?Making a Professional Ballerinaâ�?. She was accompanied by her daughter, Maddie, who is beginning her career as a ballerina. Ms. Scott began by alluding to the increased popularity of dance in the United States because of popular shows on network TV. There are more than 10 million students attending dance classes in public schools alone. Approximately 15,000 young adults earn their living as dancers. Most of the centers for dance are on the coasts. Almost all students in South Dakota leave the state for instruction. She mentioned some extrinsic factors. It takes 10 years of intense training to make a ballerina. Most students begin their training at the age of 7. The average is one hour of training per week for each year of age. Proper training facilities are a must. The student needs all the support family and friends can provide. The very best coaches are at the big schools, many of which are in New York or other large population centers. These schools are very selective. These big dance companies hold what are called intensives every summer. This last summer Maddie attended the Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis School in New York City. The Scotts have found a teacher for Maddie. This teacher previously danced in the Kirov Ballet. She sees much promise in Maddie and will coach her at International competitions. Ruth also told us that the path to becoming a professional ballerina means that Maddie will be attending a ballet boarding school and that the average cost is about $40,000 per year. Fortunately, Maddie has been awarded a full-ride scholarship to the Rock School of Dance in Philadelphia. This is extremely rare. Rock School is one of the top schools in the country. Auditions are required. There is a high attrition rate of about 10 percent per year. Only about 5 percent graduate, and of those only about 15 percent get professional jobs. Ms. Scott asked Maddie to demonstrate some of the flexibility she has acquired and then showed a video of Maddie dancing at the Youth America Grand Prix, which featured dancers from around the world. She was rated as one of the dancers in the top 10 percent of those in attendance. We wish her well in the pursuit of her dreams

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