Not your average clothing store

Not your average clothing store Higman��?s Ava Morgan offers unique fashions By David Lias
Plain Talk Peggy Higman knew when she was a teenager that she wanted to be in the fashion business. â�?�?I started reading Seventeen magazine, and Vogue,â�? she said, â�?�?and I alway had a strong interest, my mom says, in color. I knew fashion was for me â�?�? I knew thatâ�?�?s where I fit in. Ever since I was 13 or 14, I always wanted to have my own store.â�? Peggyâ�?�?s dreams to be deeply involved in the fashion world came true last April, when she brightened up Vermillionâ�?�?s Main Street by opening a new retail business, Ava Morgan. The 1,500 square-foot store specializes in womenâ�?�?s and childrenâ�?�?s fashions and accesssories and reflects Peggyâ�?�?s education and experience in the clothing industry. As a teenager, she worked in a popular chain store in Chicago, eventually becoming an assistant designer for a clothing company there. She later attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and received a degree in fashion design. Peggy became familiar with Vermillion after she and her husband, Jerad Higman, decided to move relocate their familyâ�?�?s business, Masaba Mining Equipment, here. â�?�?As soon as we made the decision to make Vermillion our new home, I had it in the back of my head that I wanted a store. I thought with the unique setting of the university there would be a need for people for specialty items.â�? she said. Peggy said her goal is to offer â�?�?something for everybody, and at very high quality and lifestyle appropriate.â�? That means the racks in her store offer both formal and casual wear. â�?�?I just really believe in this Main Street, she said, noting the popularity of two neighboring shops, Sharing the Dream and Nook â�?�?n Cranny. â�?�?I just really think this is where we need to show off what we have and hopefully add more to the mix.â�?

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