Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights By Cleo Erickson Clay County Among Oldest Permanent Settlements 1909 Continued The report reaches this office that a gambling joint is being operated at Meckling, and that the billiard hall is operated there Sundays as well as every other day. Some of the citizens are seriously opposed to the wide-open policy, and if it possible will do away with gambling and Sabbath breaking. The town board is given to understand that it has no jurisdiction in the matter. Be this as it may, there is a way to get at cases of this kind and we believe the proper authorities will make an investigation at once. The new Lincoln pennies will be distributed the last week in August.�? They will supplant the penny with the familiar Indian head upon it.�? The stock of new coin is now being accumulated, and as soon as it is large enough to supply all parts of the country at the same time the new pennies will be handed out to the public. When the original plans were drawn for the new opera house, they were arranged so that the loft above the stage would be high enough to pull the scenery straight up, and thus do away with the rolling process. Later, to cut down expenses, it was decided to do away with the loft.�? Now the council members are favorable to doing the thing up right while they are at it and it is likely that the back walls will be runup to height where it will be possible to handle all scenery without rolling it.�? Vermillion will be in line for a number of first class shows the coming season, the majority of which carry their own scenery, but unless the stage is right for hanging it the patrons will lose a good feature of the attractions. It is a good deal easier to make things just right at the present time than it will be later on. From present indications the present year will not be a very profitable one for the Vermillion Canning Company. The tomato crop, while not exactly a failure, is anything but good, and the yield will be all right. Charles E. Prentis and Belle Stanley Bell were united in marriage at the Prentis home on Court Street. The brick on the new city hall will be completed today. From August 15 to September 15th there were 4106 baskets of fruit shipped from Vermillion by Express. Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Whittemore are making some improvements in their home, the most important of which are the installing of a bath room on the second floor and lavatory on the first floor. A feature at the fair was the automobile rides given the little folks by members of the Vermillion Auto Club.�? The youngsters enjoyed the ride immensely, especially those who had never had a ride before. Next Sunday, October 3, 1909, the members of Bergen Lutheran Church in Norway Township will join in the services of laying the corner stone for their new church.�? Services will be conducted in English and Norwegian.�? The new church building will cost about $4000.00.�? It is a frame structure located near the Hans Myron farm. From the Akron Register Tribune:�? Over in the prohibition town of Vermillion the officers and law abiding citizens are sorely vexed by a violent outbreak of drunkenness and disorderly conduct. The council has authorized the Mayor to offer a reward of $50 for the conviction of persons selling liquor contrary to law. Only four deaths were reported for the month of September by Clerk Vaughn while the births numbered thirty-six. Of these twenty-two were boys and fourteen girls. Seven marriage licenses were issued during the month. G. H. Brown has purchased the Parks property north of Vermillion which includes the residence and about 2 acres of ground. He will enlarge the house by the addition of two rooms. We understand there is a move on foot to organize a band in Vermillion.�? Many of the businessmen have expressed a willingness to contribute towards a fund for the maintenance of a band. There is still a demand for meat markets, stores and residences, but there is none to be secured. Knute Severson purchased the 100 acre farm adjoing the old George Chaussee farm south of town. He gets it for $35.00 an acre. If you wish to send a letter in a hurry, be sure to write â�?�?in hasteâ�? on the envelope. The postmaster and clerks will then fall over each other in their haste to get it in the first mail. The new schoolhouse in the Weeks district has been completed at a cost of $3,000.00.�? It is a fine structure, and is heated by a furnace. The new building was thrown open to the pupils on Monday of this week. Mr. A. M. Morseâ�?�?s old sorrel horse that has been so faithful on the milk route was frightened to death by the train last Saturday morning. He dropped dead in the harness. Milk delivery was delayed until Mr. Morse could send home and get another horse.

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