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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Seniors play baseball golf On Aug. 19, the senior men experimented with a format called baseball. In this kind of format, the three-man teams set up a batting order for each hole and rotated hitting shots until the ball drops in the cup. Just like in baseball, a successful score was dependent on teamwork. Teams were set up into three divisions from the better players to the lesser players. In no particular order and without listing their score, these are the teams that received balls for prizes: Max Anderson, Turk Pilker, Milo Gilbertson; Dick Kellogg, Guy Button, Al Clem; Don Baer, Cleland Cook, Van Pierce; Jack Doyle, Berwyn Svoboda, Maurice Erickson; Roger Kozak, Jerry Sommervold, Shorty Hanson; and Dennis Navrat, Jim Grabowski, and Elmer Mount. In this format, no records were kept for long putts.

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