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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Morning ladies enjoy the great outdoors On Aug.20, we had another beautiful day and lots of friendship. Come on out and join us in the fun and food. Desserts, as usual, were great. Jane Kuger and Lorraine Brunick provided the delicious treat today. As usual I had to taste one of each so, I can vouch for the them. We had a guest, Anita Mahaffey.�? Great seeing you Anitaâ�?¦ be sure to come again. Our $5 drawing was won by Pat Pratt and the quarters were won by Barb Boone, Ellie Davis, Pat Pratt (lucky girl today), Vaneta Youngworth, Edith Nelson and Pat Steckelberg. We have our prayers out for Meryl Reed. She has been transferred to Elk Point Nursing Home and hope for a speedy recovery so she can come home. Golf Report: We played â�?�?Roll The Dice.â�? You golf and after putting in you roll the dice and subtract that from your score.�? Well, seems there is only a one or two on the dice when I roll it. But, golfing is about fun and friendship and getting out in the great outdoors â�?�? right? Our winners were�?  Edith Nelson with 23 and Ramona Kellogg with 28.�?  We had eight players. Card Games and Dominoes Reports: Bridge players�? know how to treat�? their guests very cordially�? â�?�? giving Anita Mahaffey all those great hands to make her high scorer for the day. Pitch players finally split the games â�?�? Irma Brubach and Agnes Mockler won two and Sally Gilbertson and Doris Heine won one.�?  Agnes sure knows how to pick the good partner week after week. The Mexican Train winning scorers had to relive their school days and since this was the first week of school, they practiced their numbers. Pat Pratt and Janet Hoff won Round 1 by having the score closest to the year they graduated.�? Round 2 winners had to predict their score before starting with Babe Hurowitz and Barb Larson being the closest to their guess.�? Round 3 winners, Eileen Turner and Barb Boone,�? had the�? score closest to the number of ladies who ate lunch. Multiplication tables came into play on the final score, multiply the number of players by 10 with the closest number winning making Babe Hurowitz and Darlene Engbrecht the big winners.�?  Janet Hoff is working overtime on these rules but it sure makes for a fun game so thanks, Janet. See how much fun there is. See you all next week. Pat Steckelberg Publicity

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