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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Wednesday ladies golf Wednesday morning ladies golf It was a beautiful day again!�? We had 23 ladies come to our luncheon. The season is slowly coming to an end and it is great see so many come and join in our friendship and of course the food. Thelma Raines and Barb Larson provided the desserts â�?¦ of course they both brought great ones and I (as usual) had to try both. They were great! Our drawings seem to have a pattern to the winners!�? Some are so much more lucky than others! Winner of the $5 drawing was Jane Torkelson and the quarters â�?¦ Mary Bartels, Babe Hurowitz, Ann Stewart, Jane Torkelson and Pat Steckelberg. Our story lady, Mary Bartels, had some great ones to tell. Thanks Mary! Our Golf Report:�? We played â�?�?Pass The Buck.â�?�? To keep the buck (if you had them in your group) you had to stay out of the rough, no sand and also under three putts.�?  It is not always easy and the bucks can travel from one to the other very very quickly!�? �? �? �?  There were 10 golfers today and the winners of the bucks: Edith Nelson, Barb Boone and Ramona Kellogg. It is always fun to go out and be with friends no matter how your score ends up. The games:�? This is last weekâ�?�?s report (08/06/08) â�?�? the winners are â�?¦ Bridge�? â�?�?�? Ellie Davis,�? Pitch â�?�? Mary Bartels, Dominoes â�?�? Fritz Lefler, most quarters according to the â�?�?rules of the dayâ�? and Eileen Turner had low score. This weekâ�?�?s game report:�?  Ellie Davis once again won high at the�? Bridge table. Agnes Mockler and Mary Bartels showed their skill and were the Pitch winners During the Olympic week, the Dominoes group had two tables and played for awards.�?  Rula Hatch and Barb Larson won the bronze�? medal for round one with third lowest score. Brenda Chatham and Darlene�? Engbrecht had the second lowest score for round two and were award-ed the silver medal. Pat Pratt and Darlene Engbrecht scored the lowest for the gold medal�? for round three. Brenda Chatham and Fritz Lefler used the Chinese lucky number eight the most times on their total score sheets and won all the other�? awards for the entire game. Thank you ladies for coming and please think of a friend to introduce to our group! Pat Steckelberg Publicity

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