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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Wednesday morning
ladies golf Pat Steckelberg
Publicity Wednesday morning ladies golf It was another day of showers but very very light and quit in a short time. We had 18 at our luncheon and the desserts were a treat of a different kind (neither of us bake sweets much). Fritz Lefler and Pat Steckelberg were the treaters.�? It as commented as being a nice cook treat. We had no guests or new members but hope for many to come especially next year.�?  Which starts the first Wednesday of May … mark it on your calender next year! A get-well card was sent to Meryl Reed … she is in the hospital�? so please call or stop to give her your support. Get better Meryl.We are all thinking of you!�?  Quarters were won by: Eileen Turner, Brenda Chatham, Rose Mart, Ellie Davis and Mary Berglund.�?  We had no $5 drawing today â�?¦ come to see if you win next week â�?�? must be present to win this one! Golf:�? We did not golf today â�?�? was a light show but disappeared shortly. No one stuck around to golf. There were three or four that came but we left. Next week we hope for a clear day. No report regarding cards games or dominoes.�? Will report next time with results. Hope to see you next week.

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