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awards ceremony On Aug. 5, the senior men honored their two most senior golfers, Van Pierce, who turns 90 during the month of August and Maurice Erickson, who turns 89 later this year. These men were presented with the presidential medal of honor called the pink tee award. What this means within the group is that when the entire body plays from the red tees, these two more mature seniors get to advance ahead of the red tees for a better position to address their drive. In today��?s format which utilized the red tees, these pink tee awardees were allowed to take advantage of this special privilege. The winning team on this date with a 34 was the team of Pat Boyle, Dick Gregory and Roger Kozak. This team carded birdies on #4, #5 and #6. And they won the tie breaker because of the score on #4. Second place at 34 also was the team of Van Pierce, Shorty Hanson and Jim Grabowski. The pink tee recipient, Van Pierce, had a super game this session. He made two long birdies for his team, a 37-footer on #8 and an 18-footer on #1. Also on this second place team, Jim Grabowski thrilled his teammates by dropping a 27-foot birdie on #7. In third place with a 35 was the team of Jack Doyle, Harlan Schott and pink tee recipient, Maurice Erickson. Helpng to put his team in third place was Jack Doyle��?s 12-foot birdie putt on #5. Taking fourth was the team of Don Baer, Jim Reed and Ken Beringer. Coming in fifth was the team of Berwyn Svoboda, Turk Pilker and Dave Zimmer. Players on non-winning teams who made some birdie putts were Elmer Mount with 35-footer on #8, Mo Marcotte with a seven-footer on #3 and Gene Iverson with a six-footer on #8.

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